How Tall Should a Floor Lamp Stand?

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1 Answer

My parents wanted this lamp positioned near their computer. No problem, I thought. That was until I realized that this lamp only stood four-feet tall. Thankfully there is a ledge near where the computer is situated so that it raised this lamp an additional eight inches from the floor. Otherwise, this lamp would have been too short. Ott lamps are beginning to run in the family. Since my brother liked my Ott Flex-Arm Plus light so much, my parents bought him and my sister-in-law each one of those lights for presents. Then my brother thought it might be a good idea to trade one of the Flex-Arm lamps for a floor model to stand near his reading chair. At least that was his thought until I told him how tall (ahem ... short) the floor model stood. He quickly changed his mind and decided to build a table to hold the Flex-Arm lamp at the height he desired. Some people might not mind that this lamp only stands four feet since the lamp was originally designed as a craft lamp. Four feet is a ... more
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