How tall was John Lennon?

john lennon tall

John, as well as Paul and George were 5′ 11″. Ringo is 5′ 8″. Has anyone seen a somewhat recent picture of or heard anything about Dhani Harrison? When were Paul’s kids born? What are all the Beatles kids doing today? How many children of the Beatles are there? What are their names and ages? Julian Lennon, born 4/8/63 has been living in Monaco the past 2 years working on a theme restaurant in San Francisco, which will be called, “The Revolution”. After a 5 year absence, he is back in the recording studio and hopes to have a single released by the end of this year. John’s other son Sean Ono Lennon was born 10/9/75. In 1995, he had his own band, The Pits, and presently is in a band called IMA. He sings and plays lead guitar, and is sometimes joined by Yoko. Heather McCartney, born 12/31/63, is Paul’s adopted daughter. Heather keeps a low profile and has had jobs ranging from a darkroom technician to a barmaid. She is presently a potter. Mary McCartney, born 8/29/69 works in the offices o