How to block specific company in monster job?

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1 Answer

If you have a resume posted on Monster, and received an email from a company about an offer, there should be a link at the bottom where you can block the company. However, the resume database out of Monster got tapped and there are companies trying to steal personal info. In order to block a company, you have to sign into your account--which, if this specific email is part of a scam, could enable the company to get your personal information and steal your identity. There is a section on Monster to report a company for being fraudulent--I would email the company to them, ask them to look into the company before you log in to block them from sending your messages. If you are certain it is a valid company, then the link should be at the bottom of the email. If you simply want to block a company from seeing you, your best bet is to remain anonymous. This is best anyway, as it prevents potential identity theft. more
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