how to calculate standard cell potential?

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Some shortforms to help you: 1) LEO goes GER (Losing Electrons Oxidation, Gaining Electrons Reduction) 2) OARC (Oxidation = anode, reduction = cathode) Step 1: Write the full equations The two half cells you have given are: 1) Ni/Ni2+ so: Ni --> Ni2+ + 2electrons (e-) 2) Cu/Cu2+ so: Cu --> Cu2+ + 2e- Step 2: Find the Eo values in a table (standard REDUCTION potentials Ni2+ + 2e- --> Ni Eo = -0.257V Cu2+ + 2e- --> Cu Eo = 0.340V Step 3: Calculate the standard cell potential I am assuming here that the teachers wants you to calculate the SPONTANEOUS cell potential (i.e. a positive value) The formula for calculating this is: E cell = E cathode - E anode Using the shortforms I mentioned earlier: Cathode= reduction Anode = oxidation So we have: Anode: Ni --> Ni2+ + 2e- Eo = -0.257V Cathode: Cu2+ + 2e- --> Cu Eo= 0.340V Ecell = Ecath - Eanode = 0.340V - (-0.257V) = 0.597V NOTE: you can flip either of the two equations to make it read as a reduction or oxidation. Just leave the cell ... more
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