How to care for your face in winter

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In addition to lethargy, apathy and problems with immunity in winter, you can face another nuisance – increased sensitivity of the skin of the face. Due to sharp temperature changes, piercing cold wind and too dry air in heated rooms, it becomes painfully dry, tight, constantly flaits and causes considerable discomfort.

In the cold, blood circulation slows down, and the production of skin fat, which protects the skin from drying out and damage, is reduced. This causes the skin to dehydrate, become dull and lose elasticity.
Take care of the skin of the face is necessary not only from the outside, with the help of cosmetics, but also from the inside, with the help of a well-balanced diet. The fact that we drink and eat has a huge impact on the skin condition, so first it is worth paying attention to your eating habits.


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Maintaining skin color and elasticity over the years is proving to be a complex process. It’s especially hard when I’m about to be 40.