How to check virginity..?


There is no such thing as a “virginity test”. They only ones that claim they are, are myths. However, once you become sexually active, your body will experience changes in hormones and your body structure may become “hippier”, bustier, slimmer, some combination of the three, or nothing at all may happen. Female virgins have a tissue at the opening of their vagina called a “hymen”. The hymen may be either a thick or thin slab of tissue stretched over the opening that will break upon the entrance of a penis. This may or may not be painful, as every woman is different. Also, some woman’s hymens break without sexual intercourse and just with ordinary activities such as stretching, bicycling, or dancing. This is generally why a doctor cannot tell if you are sexually active unless you tell them yourself. Their is also no test for male virginity. Males may be cockier, but other than that, which is not a great source since many are cocky already, there’s no way to tell. Be sure to know that if