How to get high off of Concerta?

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1 Answer

Yes, if you want to risk the following serious consequences: The most well known of the ADHD medications is methylphenidate (MPH, Ritalin, and the sustained release preparations Concerta and Metadate). A mild central nervous stimulant, its mechanism of action is not entirely understood. However, it appears to activate the arousal systems in the brainstem and cortex to produce its stimulant effects. While MPH appears to target the same neuroreceptors as cocaine, it does not affect all the same components of the pleasure circuit throughout the brain. MPH can be abused orally, or tablets can be crushed and either snorted or dissolved in water and injected. The pattern of abuse is characterized by an escalation in dose, frequent episodes of binge use followed by severe depression, and an overpowering desire to continue the use of this drug despite serious, adverse medical and social consequences. Typical of other CNS stimulants, high doses of MPH often produce agitation, tremors, ... more
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