How to make a bridal veil?


How to make a bridal veil?


Considering how expensive a bridal veil can be, you may want to know how to make a bridal veil.  This is actually really easy to do.  If you find that you are becoming stressed by it though, assign the job to your mother or the maid of honor.

Gather Up Your Supplies

Before you start to make a bridal veil, gather together the following supplies:

  • 5 yards of ivory colored Tulle or netting
  • A sewing machine or needle and ivory colored thread
  • A pattern
  • Decorations such as tiny silk flowers, pearl embellishments, individual seed pearls, satin bias tape and ribbon
  • White or clear hair combs that are 4 inches wide or a Tiara
  • Between 5 to 15 yards of oyster trim
  • A glue gun

Take Measurements

Decide how long you want your bridal veil to be.  Once you know where you want it to lie, use a measuring tape to measure from the part of your head where the comb or tiara will rest to where you want your bridal veil to lie, then add an additional 5 inches to allow for any mistakes.  You could also purchase an inexpensive bridal veil pattern by Burda, Butterick, McCalls, Simplicity or Vogue.

Working With The Tulle

There are a variety of types of tulle that you can purchase at your local fabric store.  You will want to purchase a color that will closely match the color of your wedding dress.  It should also be soft, not stiff and scratchy.  Make sure that it is 108 inches wide.  Lay it out on a large table or on the floor.  Fold it in half and put paperweights on it to hold it down flat.  Cut the unfolded edge into a curved shape (just slightly round the edges).

Attaching The Trim

Attach the trim to the sides and bottom of your veil.  You can use no sew tape under satin ribbon and iron it into place and the glue or sew some pearl ribbons on if you desire.  If you are using sequins though, you will need to hand sew it. 

Adding The Combs Or Tiara

Use a fabric glue gun or stitching to attach the tulle to your combs.  Make sure that the tulle is on the top of the comb or the back of the tiara and bunched up some.  You will only want to work with ½ inch to an inch at a time, especially if you will be using glue.  Don’t worry if you can still see some glue when you are done because it will get covered up.

Adding The Embellishments

Glue or tack your embellishments onto your bridal veil with fabric glue or a needle and thread.  If you will be sewing it on, make sure that you use either a tight overlapping or cross stitch. 

Finish The Hem

Choose one of the following ways in which to finish off the hem on your bridal veil:

  • Stitch some wide pieces of satin around all of the exposed edges
  • You can create a rolled edge by folding them in about ½ an inch before using a zigzag stitch to tack them down
  • You can create the illusion of a ruffled edge simply by stretching the tulle between your fingers as you hem it
  • Sew a thin piece of decorative ribbon or braiding around the hem
  • Sew some lace edging to give your bridal veil an exotic touch
  • You can also choose to leave the edges undone

A Final Bit Of Advice

It will take you both time and patience to make a bridal veil but you will be very happy with the finished product.  If you don’t like to sew, you can always purchase an iron on adhesive to use.  You simply place this between the trim and the tulle then place a warm iron on it so that the trim and the tulle will adhere together.  If you decide to use this to make a bridal veil, make sure that you place a piece of cotton cloth between the iron and the material so that you don’t burn your bridal veil.


Decide how long you want the veil. Cut an oval with the long axis twice the length you want the veil OR cut a circle with the diameter twice the length you want the veil. Use a threaded needle to sew through the shortest axis on the oval or through the center of the circle. Gather the thread. Sew the gathered part to a barrette or hair comb (the kind that is supposed to stay on your head). Voila–a double veil.

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