How to make a Libra Jealous?

jealous libra zodiac sign

They would never like to be ignored. So if you want to make a Libran jealous then all you have to do is make him/her feel left out, the rest would take care of on its own (2.) A Straight-forward No: Librans are well-known for their diplomacy and if someone criticizes them on the face, then their hidden jealousy comes out in public. Challenge their caliber, criticize their creativity and make fun of their talent openly and the look on the faces of these peace-makers would say it all. (3.) Flaunting: Librans are not very much fond of seeing someone flaunting his/her riches, be it diamond ring or necklace or a brand new car, they would start disliking the person and the hidden fire of jealousy would get more brighter. (4.) If you are comparatively better-looking than your Libran friend then half the job is already done as Librans get jealous with someone who has got more charming looks than them. All you have to do is just work on your looks and dressing style, using a bit of body languag