How to make frozen fish fillets taste better?

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I usually cook them in the toaster over, turning once so they brown on all sides. Right out of the oven, squeeze lemon or lime juice on them, helps cut any "fishy" taste. My daughter loves them with a dill sauce I make with dried dill, garlic salt or powder, moisten that with lemon or lime juice, then add mayonaisse. more
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Most frozen fish fillets today are cleaned and vacuum packed then frozen. So when you buy them you are getting relatively fresh fish to cook a dinner with. Fish fillet are cleaned and prepared for the consumer so they are ready to use in your favorite recipes. There are a number of ways to make fresh fish fillets taste better when cooking them. One tip is to keep the fish fillets frozen until you are ready to eat them. Defrost in the refrigerator during the day or defrost in the microwave before cooking. Always buy fish you like to eat whether it is cod, tuna or halibut.

Cooking the fillet on the stove top in a large frying or saute pan is rather simple. Sauteing in olive oil, wine and adding fresh or dry herbs can really kick up the flavor of fish. Spices that are good with frozen fish are garlic, paprika, cumin, parsley, oregano, mustard, basil, chives, black pepper, chili powder, and salt. Add herbs to the fish fillets near the end of cooking so flavor tastes fresh. Look for recipes for frozen fish fillets that interest you so that you are prepared with a good recipe. Broiling fish fillets under the broiler or on the grill is a good way to reduce fat in the recipe. Dry herbs are better with broiled fish as a rule.

There are many ways to prepare frozen fish fillets. Baking them with a nice seasoning mix you can make your self gives them flavor. You can use bread crumbs, spices and herbs to make the seasoning. You can bake fish fillets with a mixture of hot spices to make Cajun fish fillets. There are many good dry seasoning recipes for baking fish. Look for recipes in your favorite cookbooks or on the Internet using Google or Yahoo. There are many interesting ways to prepare frozen fish fillets.

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