How to make mango trees bear fruit quickly …?

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Buy the implant ones that will most quickly get the fruit because has the nature of the mother, so similar to the cloning but made as the miniature. Remove the mango tree sap as much as possible by creating a sketches in the trunk so the resin will come out much. Guaranteed it will produce much fruit. Remember, mango is seasonal fruit, so make a sketch in the mango season. About 2cm of high from the soil, main stem drilled with a diameter as large as a pencil. Remember, this drill is until it emerge, and then filled with wood or wood pencil. Principally it is the same way to make sketch up before, but more efficient, because the fluid will exit from the pressure of the root which is more than the sketch. This stimulated the flower. Alternatively, tree was nailed up. Insert a nail and leave there. Instead of wounded the stem, you can also fertilized with NPK once a month (the fertilizer immersed in the ground with about 20 cm distance from the main stem, with a depth of about 10 cm) ... more
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