How to make my PC to work faster?

Robert Kelley Posted

My computer is slow, how can I fix it?


go to the run box and type msconfig then under startup uncheck everything  then restart computer run three times as fast

Colin Mcgeary

one of the best things you can do for free is clean up catch on your hard drive. but if you want to spend money and get the whole computer working faster then installing a faster hard / SSD drive or getting better / more gigs of ram can really boost speed.

Alexia Hunt

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  1. Clear the temporary data of the computer by deleting files in the temp folder, find it by typing %TEMP% in windows search bar and then delete all the files, it will not affect system processes.
  2. Disable windows search by following these steps.
    • In Windows 8, go to your Start Screen. In Windows 10 just enter the Start Menu.
    • Type msc into the search bar.
    • Now the services dialog box will open up
    • In the list, look for Windows Search, right-click and choose Properties
    • Under the General tab within the Properties box, look where it says Startup Type
    • The Startup Type is always set to automatic, this is where you open the drop down menu and choose Disabled. Click Apply
    • Restart your computer.


    Also you can disable the visual effects of windows,

  3. In the Start/taskbar search field, type Sysdm.cpl and then press Enter key to open System Properties dialog.
  4. Switch to the Advanced tab. In the Performance section, click Settings button. You should now see Performance options dialog.
  5. Here, choose Adjust for best performance if you want to turn off all visual effects and gain the best possible system performance. Finally, click Apply button.