How to make the elf alphabet Children's Block Christmas Ornament ?

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1 Answer

I saw these cute things at a craft fair, and having no luck on finding how to make them. When I search I get a website http://www.mycraftbook.com/craftidea.asp?craftID=375 but not having any luck on the link. Here is a picture of one on ebay... http://i1.ebayimg.com/03/i/001/18/73/8795_1.JPG A: Looks pretty basic. Supplies: Block Red felt Green felt white pom pons wooden bead for the head Black marker or paint for face. Red paint for cheeks Ribbon for hanger Cut 4 rounded rectangles - red Cut 1 Triangle - red Cut 1 circle - green Draw face and add blush to wood bead. Glue pom pons on arms and legs. Create a hat shape from triangle and glue seam, insert a piece of looped ribbon in the seam. Glue pom pon on hat. Attach arms and legs to block with glue. Glue green circle on top of block. Glue bead on top of green circle. Then glue hat to head. more
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