How to open a goodwill thrift store?

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1 Answer

If you are wanting to open a thrift shop similar to goodwill but without the goodwill name you will need to get a business license, lease a building to house your bargains, then post fliers all over your county to get people to donate. It is also a great idea to email people having a yard sale that you can give them a tax-write off slip for donating anything that doesnt sell from their yard sale and you can pick it up yourself. Roadside donation pick up services always do well and you can make a good profit off of this as well. You will also need to find a closing business to purchase racks/hangers/a cash register, etc. from. You will notice that all this leasing and getting equipment will cost you upwards of a couple hundred thousand dollars so you will need to get a business loan from a local bank with a good business plan. If you are specifically wanting a Goodwill store you will need to contact the franchise. The contact information is available on <a href="http://www.goodwill. ... more
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