How to over-winter and take Cuttings from Chrysanthemums?

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When your chrysanthemums have finished flowering in the late autumn, they can be dug up and stored for the following year. It is easy to overwinter Chrysanthemums. Simply dig up the plants and cut back all the stems to about 6in (150mm). Place the chrysanthemums in a box or tray, and cover with soil or compost and store them in a cool, frost-free place for the winter. A garage or garden shed is ok for this as long as it is frost-free. Just keep the soil slightly moist throughout the winter. Do not water the chrysanthemums too often. Taking cuttings from Chrysanthemums. In early spring Jan Feb if you have a heated greenhouse start the overwintered chrysanthemums into growth with a little bit of heat and gentle watering. The new shoots that will grow will be your cuttings material for new plants. When the new chrysanthemum shoots are about 2in (100mm) long, cut them off with a sharp knife close to the mother plant. Remove all the bottom leaves leaving just a pair at the top of the ... more
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