How to read gauges on a cutting torch?

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1 Answer

* FIRST: You shouldn't look directly at either the O2 or the "gas" gauges because a faulty one could blow out at your face. * You want to see 40 PSI on the O2 delivered pressure with the high pressure lever pressed, for best cutting results. * A full O2 tank should be 2000 PSI. (so 1/2 full is about 1000 PSI). * The "gas" delivered pressure should be about 10-12 PSI, for best heating properties. * The "gas" high pressure gauge is at 200 PSI when full. Can women learn welding? * CERTAINLY! * Watch these 2 videos via YouTube: (1st is about women discussing welding jobs)(The second video shows a young lady instructing a guy how to wire-feed weld): Video 1: WELDING WOMEN video Video 2: Lady instructs guy in wire-feed welding, video After welding, metal won't stay together, why? * The rod: same material that you're welding? Is it dry & not flaking off? * Welder setting: Hot enough amperage? * Material that you're welding: Compatible with the rod you're using? (steel on steel?). * Your ... more
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