How to remove bios password from toshiba tecra A8 laptop?

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1 Answer

Look in your user manual for the jumper pin that resets the CMOS battery. This jumper might be on the motherboard, and it might be difficult to get to. And it might be a dip switch or a jumper. All Laptops/PC's are built differently. I would suggest calling the manufacturer. They can give this detail to you specific to your laptop. Tech Notes: This jumper actually severs connection to the CMOS battery for a period of time, and therefore causing the laptop to lose ALL BIOS info, including HD info, which you'll have to auto-detect again. Other Notes: Some manufacturers actually have a bypass password or key combination that actually circumvents this password. I know this because it happened to me. Call the manufacturer. If they dont have a key combination, tell them to direct you to the jumper/dip switch that resets the CMOS. IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people are saying take out the CMOS battery. . . . Most CMOS batteries since about 1990 are soldered onto the motherboard, which is why this ... more
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