How to remove sim network unlock pin message from lg fortune

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Whenever i insert sim card in it, it asks for some sim network unlock pin which i dont have & cant find it. When i remove the sim it starts normally. This happens with every sim card. What`s the problem? how can i get rid with it?

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It happens when the phone is locked by the carrier/network & you are using a different carrier/network sim card in it. If you use it with the same carrier the message will no longer appears. but whenever you use any different carrier/network sim card it again appears. To permanently remove this message you have to enter the lg fortune sim network unlock pin or lg fortune unlock code. There are two ways to get it`s unlock code
1. Call to the network/carrier support on which it is locked on & asks them to unlock it for you.
2. If you don`t know your locked carrier/network then search for any website online which provides you the unlock code (Like or there are many) it only asks the imei of your lg fortune & send the unlock code to you.