How to rent a good yacht in Italy?

Fanni Too

How and where can I rent a good yacht in Italy? This year we decided to spend our holidays in this beautiful country and of course we would like to spend some time at sea.


I see that there is a person who have problems with paying back a loan ..People.. stop being afraid of loans.. that’s funny because today you can find people who can help you in case you have some troubles with collectors and so.Just visit and you will get that everything can be solved. Good luck

Nil Mel Chakolaka deleted comment

I always wanted to rent a yacht and have a good tour on it but … the only option is to take a loan and I hesitate to take out a loan because of collectors and stuff.

Krikka Tukka

Two months ago we bed Italy. Were in two places: Naples and Venice. The most memorable in Naples was a visit to the pizza. Delicious. Venice conquered me with its beauty. Toward the end of the vacation, we rode a gondola through Venice at night and saw the sights of Venice, past which we sailed. I enjoyed the ride so much that I persuaded my husband to book italy yacht charter and we were able to spend some unforgettable days sailing on a great yacht. Nothing spoiled our good mood. the yacht was in working condition and we could fully enjoy all the beauties.

Eliot Roy

I do not remember from whom we rented a yacht, but I advise you to visit Venice.