How to repair resin wicker furniture?


How to repair resin wicker furniture?

Debbie Donner

The durability and weather-resistant qualities of resin wicker furniture have made it a popular choice for outdoor wicker patio furniture. Many people have also opted to use it indoors, often in the form of wicker dining chairs and table. In contrast to natural wicker, which suffers greatly in extreme or damp weather conditions, resin wicker is designed to stand up against the elements. Once damaged, natural wicker can be difficult if not impossible to restore to its former state, but resin wicker can often be repaired.

Wicker is the name used for the final end product made from thin flexible branches or twigs woven together. Resin wicker is produced from a man-made weave typically mounted on an aluminum frame. The resin is applied to seal the wicker, creating a weather-resistant finish. With enough time in the great outdoors, the resin can become thin and flaky, creating bare spots where the wicker underneath is exposed to potential water damage. If the wicker strips get broken or come loose, you can repair your resin wicker furniture by reapplying resin epoxy to the damaged areas.

Repairing Resin Wicker Furniture

Visit your local hardware supply store and ask about the appropriate resin epoxy needed for your repairs. Epoxy with a lighter tint is best since it will leave the surface suitable for painting if needed. Find a marine-use epoxy to strengthen resistance to water and moisture damage. The epoxy tube will likely have the resin and a hardener substance in the same tube to be dispensed simultaneously. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions for any further mixing requirements.

Loose or cracked strips can be glued down by applying the resin epoxy with a pointed tool to avoid leaving the repair area noticeable, as opposed to using a spackling tool or scraper to smooth it on to the wicker. Let the epoxy dry the required amount of time before painting if needed.

In some cases it may be possible to reweave loose strips after soaking them in water for 30-60 minutes. If necessary, an exterior brad can be used to tack the strip in place for additional reinforcement.

Consult an Expert

If a strip in your resin wicker furniture is not easily repaired with the use of epoxy, or you are not able to reweave the strip, you may need to consult a wicker repair expert. Although natural wicker replacement strips can probably be found at your local craft store, resin wicker strips are not readily available.

Vestin Rytes

Resin wicker withstand in very hot and humid climates, cold winters. It will live long if we take necessary care for periodically repair and restoration. Know here the importance of furniture restoration.


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