how to repair stoppage toilet

Toilet stoppage are usually caused by foreign objects falling into the bowl (or just a little bit too much of IT?). The stoppage can normally be removed by using a toilet plunger or closet auger. There are times that the stoppage just cannot be removed with a toilet plunger or closet auger no matter how you try. It may be necessary for you to remove the toilet bowl in order to clear the stoppage. Here is how you can DIY to remove severe stoppage in the toilet bowl, You will need A wax ring (or wax gasket) and a wrench (to remove and fasten floor flange bolts). Steps to remove the toilet bowl: 1 Shut off the water and empty the water in the flush tank. The water in the flush tank can be removed with siphoning or sponging. 2 Disconnect water hose from the tank. 3 Remove the tank from the bowl or disconnect the pipe connection between the tank and bowl. It depends on what you have in your house. 4 Remove the seat and cover from the bowl. If the thread is messed up, you may need to replace