How to reset the Low Tire Pressure warning light?

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1 Answer

TIRE PRESSURE WARNING SYSTEM INITIALIZATION In case of having the tires or wheels replaced, be sure to perform the system initialization. (a) Apply 4 tires with a specified inflation pressure. (b) Using SST (or a paperclip), connect terminals Ts and E1 of the DLC1. (SST 09843-18020) (The DLC1 is located under the hood (see below). It has a little flap cover that snaps open. Use a piece of wire with hard pins on the end (a paperclip will do!) to jumper Ts to E1. DO NOT SHORT OTHER PINS! - unless you follow the instructions below for the charging error codes). (c) Turn the motor switch ON and push the tire pressurewarning standardization switch ("SET" switch). (d) Check that the tire pressure warning light blinks 3 timesand it goes off then. more
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