How to shuffle test items in random order in Microsoft Word?

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2 Answers

I would actually start using Microsoft Excel and then transfer your table to Word: 1) In Excel insert your questions in column A (1 question per line) 2) In Column B, in each row tht contains a question, enter the following: =rand()*100. This simply generates a random number between 1 and 100. 3) Select both columns and then sort (i.e. from the menu bar, click "Data", "Sort"; when prompted, sort by the column that has your randomized numbers) 4) Once sorted, you can copy all of the questions in the Excel file and paste them into Word. The beauty of the randomize function in Excel is that each time you hit Enter the randomize numbers re-randomize. Hope this works! more
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This can actually not be done in Microsoft Word. I would recommend using a site like www.examshuffler.com and then paste the exam back into word.

Hope that works for you!

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