How to start a Mothers Day out program?

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Planning the Picnic for Mothers Day: • Unpack and roll out the picnic blanket, • Give Mum a cold beverage before you offer any to the others, • Pass the cold meat platter to mother first so she has her first pick of the finger foods. A great way to make mum feel truly special. Your Picnic Foods This can be quite subjective, but the general rule of thumb is make the picnic food simple and portable. Finger foods are great and easily transportable, making easy carrying. Traditional baskets have peanut butter, jellies and gourmet cheeses with rustic breads along with elaborate sandwiches of ham, egg, and other cold meats. Though salads are great on Mothers Day outings, you may need to carry alot of utensils along. Add some cookies and brownies to the Mothers Day baskets. Chocolates are a great idea with some great tasting wines to go along. Now as a final note always look to see what the weather forecast will be like on Mothers Day. Pick a venue that will be in doors if the weather is ... more
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