How to test a capacitor using analog multimeter?

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1 Answer

You can use your multimeter as an ohmmeter to test the capacitor. • Put your multimeter in the high ranges 10K-1M • Connect multimeter to capacitor leads (Observe the polarity if electrolytic). As soon as the leads make contact, the meter will swing near zero. It will then move toward infinity. Finally the meter would come to be infinite ohms because the capacitor is being charged by the battery of the mutimeter. If the capacitor is bad, it will go to zero ohms and remain there. This is called a shorted capacitor. In case of an open capacitor there will be no ohmmeter indicator. • Some capacitor have a low dielectric leakage. You will know this if the ohmmeter comes to rest at a point lower than infinite. Try to test a known good capacitor of the same type to be sure. How to test a capacitor using a digital multimeter? • You can only able to test the leakage of capacitor with digital meter, but you cannot test the capacitance. Some digital meter comes with a capacitor tester range ... more
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