how to treat hives breakout?

Breakout Hives treat

Here’s some information on what causes hives and how to treat hives breakout. Hives: Causes Hives is most commonly caused due to allergies. The formation of these red welts on the skin is generally attributed to allergic reactions to certain foods, drugs, insect bites and other environmental allergens. Certain foods such as eggs, soy, milk products, nuts, shellfish, berries, tomatoes, food additives and wheat could act as a trigger. Sometimes a hives skin allergy could be caused due to certain drugs. It has been seen that certain antibiotics, vaccines, sulfa, anti-convulsant drugs, phenobarbital and aspirin might trigger an allergic skin reaction in some people. Pet dander, pollen, chemicals, poison ivy and some insect bites could also give rise to hives. Hives could also be caused due to bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Viral infections are one of the most common causes of hives in children. Athlete’s foot, ringworm, chicken pox, jock itch, strep throat and urinary tract infect