How to use Vimax Extender?

Extender vimax

Vimax Extender Official Site – Link Just wanted to write and say that I’m VERY satisfied with my purchase.


For the first time, all you have to do is to adjust the extender according to the size of your penis. To do that, if needed, you should screw in additional extension rods to existing ones. The size of the device is calculated from the base plastic ring to the upper part of the extension rod. Do not worry that it will not fit in! We offer you a full range of elongation bars, for all sizes. After you adjusted the size of extender, you can put the device on your penis. It is important that your penis should not be in erection. With your penis in flaccidity, introduce the fixed part of the extender, with the plastic ring, at the base of your penis. Then, press the device, against your body to reduce the size of elongation bars. With the extender in that position, put the fingers inside the loop formed by the silicone band and pull the gland through the loop. If you are circumcised, you can put the silicone band on top of the foreskin. If not, you can roll the foreskin back before fixing th