How to write employee comments on appraisal?

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1 Answer

Hi Nisar, Appraisal Comments Report Timeserver's Appraisal Comments will help: • Individuals write appraisal comments for their own employee performance appraisal form; • Managers complete employee performance appraisals for their subordinate staff. Appraisal Comments is easy to use and includes databases of professionally written comments to help you produce detailed and relevant performance appraisal comments quickly and efficiently. Select an Appraisal Comments Database like Personal Employee Performance Appraisal Comments, Managers' Employee Performance Appraisal Comments (2nd person singular, Managers' Employee Performance Appraisal Comments (3rd person singular, Features: Simple to use. Comments written in the first person (I, my etc.), second person (You, your etc.) and third person (he/she, his/her etc.). Appraisal comments are automatically tailored using a person's name and gender. Comments are available in either UK English or US English. Spell check your appraisals. ... more
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