How Toxic is DXM, and What is the Lethal Dose?

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The LD50 (dose at which 50% of animals die) of DXM doesn't seem to be well known. For a variety of reasons, animal assays of the lethal dose of psychoactives aren't always accurate. Nor have I ever found a published LD50 for DXM. So instead, I've decided to go on the basis of the few deaths that have occurred from DXM use, keeping in mind the amount of DXM people regularly consume for recreational purposes. In searching medical literature, I found only two cases of death associated with DXM use, both in Sweden. In one case, a girl was found dead in a public bathroom with two bottles of 30mg DXM tablets (the number of tablets is believed to be 50/bottle, but may be 15 or 25). She had previously tried to commit suicide using a bottle of 50 tablets (this leads me to believe that she had, in fact, taken 100 tablets, for a total dose of 3000mg). The other case involved a 27 year old man, and few details were specified. In both cases, death was apparently due to inhibition of respiration. ... more
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