How will Maca Magic interact with St. John's Wort and these substances?

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I am menopausal, suffer from depression, chronic fatigue and overall feel lousy. I have ordered Amoryn, Hyperforin from 450mg Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort) extract (aerial portion) standardized to 5% hyperforin, .3% hypericin; 5-HTP-hydroxytryptophan) from Griffonia simplicifolia extract, 25mg, Rhodiola Rosea, 90mg ; and B6, 12, and folate. How will your product Maca Magic interact with these substances? #2- Maca Magic Answer: We are going to offer you a FREE Bottle of very high quality Maca Magic capsules. I would first suggest you try some before you combine all the other supplements. The reason for that is because the supplements you mention can alter serotonins in the brain and create mood changes and also make your body react to all types of chemicals in the body or anything you add as a supplement. They can also alter your sleep and wake patterns. Maca works differently. We feel that our fresh Maca Magic capsules rich in endocrine enhancing alkaloids may be enough to ... more
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