How will my childs articulation errors affect their academics?

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1 Answer

As children enter kindergarten, there are three primary objectives which a teacher would like to see accomplished. In order to be successful, kindergarten students must learn how to socialize with peers and develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills. A foundation must be in place for each successive grade. Aspects of pre-reading and pre-writing skills include learning letter-sound association. Children must be able to state the sound each letter makes. Children with articulation errors often struggle to make the correct sound. If a child substitutes a "T" for the "S" sound in conversational speech, the same may hold true when trying to decode unknown words. When presented with "sell," the child may interpret it as "tell." Peers may also have difficulty understanding those with articulation errors; therefore, socialization may also be affected. It is important for others to pay attention to the message rather than to how it may be misarticulated.
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