How will Penumbra Publishing use my information when I sign up for an account, make a purchase, join a group, or subscribe to a newsletter?


Penumbra Publishing’ privacy policy is to collect and retain information that is only required to complete sales through our website. We do not process credit card payments directly and therefore will not gather or retain credit information. Penumbra Publishing will not retain customer names, addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers except for the purpose of order fulfillment and follow-up customer service. Customers will not be contacted except in the process of completing orders or resolving problems with orders. Customer contact will include order and shipment notification via email. Phone numbers are gathered as backup in case email fails. We reserve the right to retain customer information for archive purposes but will not distribute this information to others except in the process of order fulfillment. We urge all customers to set email spam controls to allow communication from our web site or email address so that emails do not end up in a spam folder.

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