How will students access their DreamBox Learning progress at home?

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Parents will use a “Parent Invitation”, provided by you, to set up their home access to their child’s lessons and progress reports. To provide these Parent Invitations, you will first access your Teacher Dashboard and click on the "My Students" tab. On this page (your Student List), you should see a green button that says "Print Parent Invitations". Click this button to open a PDF file, containing Parent Invitations that you can give to your students to take home. These Parent Invitations will contain a website URL, as well as a user name and password. Parents will start by typing the Home Access URL into their web browser's address bar (play.dreambox.com/home). They will then be asked for a Login and Password, which is provided on the Parent Invite sheet. After entering the Login and Password, the parent should be asked for their e-mail address, and to choose their own custom password. If the parent receives a message, stating that their e-mail address cannot be used, or they are ... more
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