HOW would I use a Custom Sloper?

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1 Answer

• A fitted personal sloper can be used as: • An alteration tool to adjust standard sized patterns for personal fit: Alter the fit of commercial patterns by laying a tissue pattern over a personal sloper then adjusting the pattern at reference lines and points such as bust line and bust point. • A personal template for styling and designing new clothes: Style new patterns using flat patternmaking techniques with manual or Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) tools and techniques. Manual techniques involve cutting and spreading a sloper, requiring a paper sloper pattern, a comfortable work table, paper, pencils, erasers, rulers and drafting tools. CAD techniques require a computer, a patternmaking program (or sloper drawing files) and a CAD program. • Whichever way they are styled, patterns that start with personal slopers can become the basis of a personal, made-to-measure wardrobe.
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