How would people recognize Archangel Michael? What does he look like physically?

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You'll first sense him as a feeling of peace and safety in your heart. He's got a real warm temperature, and you'll notice that your body starts to heat up. Some people actually begin to perspire when he shows up. I've noticed that in my workshops, when we invoke him, the sweaters come off and some women think they're having a hot flash. What Does Michael Look Like? If you go to a museum and look at pictures of Michael done by painters throughout time, they always picture him as very fit and shirtless, almost like a Chippendale dancer or a Harlequin romance cover. With his long, blonde hair and golden skin, he looks like a Nordic ski instructor. Six-pack abs, a sword. Michael's two colors are gold and also a bright blue or a bright purple. How often do you contact angels? All day long. It's like having a team of consultants with you or a sporting team and you just consult with them before you make any decisions. I wake up every morning, and my husband and I say a prayer asking God ... more
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