How would you remove mildew stains from The fabric on a baby stroller?

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1 Answer

Do not use bleach. Try using white vinegar, since this will kill 80% of all mold types. Bleach won't do much damage to mold at all, except to make the stain disappear. Most people think bleach because it may change the color on the surface but it does not kill the roots of the mold plant and does not even destroy the mold spores which may be on the surface. Contrary to what most people think, bleach does not kill mold. Mold is a fungus, and it sends roots into the material on which it is attached. The ion structure of a bleach solution prevents the bleach from penetrating any porous surface so only the water part penetrates and the bleach sits on the surface. Bleach is typically 5% bleach (sodium hypochlorite) and 95% water. So when you put bleach on mold the bleach may kill that part of the mold plant which is on the surface but it will not touch the roots. In fact, by putting bleach on mold you are giving it exactly what it wants to grow, which is water. Bleach is NOT the answer ... more
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