Hyundai Accent timing belt?

accent BELT hyundai timing

I was recently advised by my Hyundai dealer to have my timing belt changed since I have over 97,000km and they advise it at 96,000? Has anyone out there changed it as advised or left it go for 10 or 20 thousand more kms without having it go while driving? A: While I’m not really qualified to answer the question since I’ve never owned an Accent, I do know a thing about the reason they advise you to replace it. If it breaks under the bumper-to-bumper warranty, anything it takes with it would be repaired or replaced at no charge. Replacement at the required interval keeps your powertrain warranty in effect. If you do not have the powertrain warranty (you are the second or more owner) the warranty does not require you to replace it. Having said that, I have seen them run perfectly fine without the change at the precise mileage. Just remember, the belt is only rubber – water, heat and age are big enemies. Hyundai engines are ‘interferrence’ engine. Meaning, there is little to no clearance b