I already have a HPIN for HDFCMFOnline, can i use the same HPIN for HDFC MFMobile?

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1 Answer

Once you accept the Terms and conditions of eservices (available on the summary page after you login on HDFCMFOnline), you will have access to HDFCMFMobile service and you can use the same HPIN (through which you access HDFCMFOnline) for HDFCMFMobile as well. • Where do I obtain the Application Form for HPIN? You can download the HPIN Application Form or obtain it at any of our Investor Service Centres (ISCs). Alternatively, you can request a form on our website, to be mailed to you. • Where do I submit the Application Form for HPIN? Application Form for HPIN can be submitted at any of our ISC. • Who all are required to sign the Application Form for HPIN? All Unit Holders are required to sign the Application Form for HPIN, especially when the mode of holding under the folio is “Joint”. • When and how will I receive my HPIN? Your HPIN will be mailed to your address registered with us normally within 4 business days from the date of submission of the valid and complete application form. ... more
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