I feel my child is ready for private instrument instruction NOW. Why should I choose Kindermusik over a Suzuki program or other private lessons?

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A child who indicates a strong interest in playing the piano (or any other instrument) must have more than just this interest to sustain them. They must be ready to accept the rules, guidelines and suggestions of the teacher. Will the child still be interested and not frustrated when the teacher asks the child to play a certain way, or hold his hand in a certain position? Additional considerations include fine motor control as well as the maturity and attention span necessary for daily individual practice. Will the child happily focus for 15-25 minutes on a series of directed tasks? Will the parent devote the time it takes to direct a very young child in this activity? Most parents do not take into consideration the importance of skill building and motivation over a long period of time. Instead, they just focus on how early a child starts lessons. The best time to start formal lessons is when they have graduated from Kindermusik! Kindermusik for the Young Child builds on a strong ...
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