I frequently receive QSL cards from hams with the pse checked and the tnx also checked. Why would someone check both?

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Because he or she does not understand the purpose of pse and tnx. When you are sending a QSL card to someone and you would like a card in return, you check or circle the pse. In doing so, you are saying, please QSL back to me. If you have already received a card from a ham, and you are QSLing back to that party, then you would check or circle the tnx to thank him or her for having sent you a card. * * * END FAQs * * * Finally, a little operating trivia. If you do not follow or use the following suggestions, you are not wrong and no one is going to fuss at you, but these are the preferred methods of operation: a) We refer to our club as a System, not a Net. b) Controls take a log, not a list. c) Since it has been over a year since we dropped the Formal Operation, there is no need to continue to say we are running informally. Controls should cease saying such. d) We have ISSB numbers or Sideband numbers, not YL Numbers. e) We do not "CQ" states, DX or areas. Ask Control if the state ... more
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