I have a 1996 nissan maxima se. How do i replace the ac/alternator belt tensioner(idler pulley)?

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I have been told i can just replace the bearing inside the pulley. Is this true? How do i get the bearing out of the pulley? How do i get the tension back on the new belt etc. Any info will be apreciated. A: The tensioner for the AC idler has a bolt that tightens the tension. This is accessed from underneat the car, with the splash guard removed. There was a change in the design of the actual pulley around 1995 or 1996. I do think you have to replace the pulley on that year to get the new bearing. First, you will notice a bolt behind the pulley. Loosen that bolt, but do not take it all the way out, so feel around the top, to make sure you don't pull it all the way out of the sliding bracket. Next, loosen the center nut on the pulley, and it will practically fall toward you, loosening the belt. Now you can take the center nut off, and slide the pulley off. When you put the new pulley back on, tighten the center nut just a little snug, so as to allow the pulley to slide on the bracket. ... more
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