I have a 4 ft fiber optic Christmas tree. How do you open the base to change the light bulb?

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The box said to change the light bulb in the base when it didn't light up. I don't have the instructions and can't find anyway to open the base to change it. Do you have any idea? It is a Christmas Time tree from Wal-mart or Target. Thanks for any help. The box on the tree says to change the bulb when it doesn't light. It has a rotatong base. I have tried everywhere to unscrew or open the bottom to change it and can't find any way to open it. Doyou have any idea? A: I will tell you how mine works. Yours may be similar. Take the tree out of the stand. Turn the stand upside down. There will be a small "door" held in place with one or more screws. Remove the screws, then the door. You should then be able to reach the bulb to change it. more
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