I have a number of Polaroid Polavision cassettes that I would like converted to DVD. Is it still possible to play this film and have it transferred to a digital format?

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A. Polaroid Polavision film came in a cassette type enclosure and was fully self contained. The cartridge had a small lens seated behind the film gate allowing the special projector lamp to shine through the film. Polavision required a special projector to view their film therefore separating it from the normal 8mm film available at that time that could be played on nearly any projector. Although the concept was good, the film quality was very poor and together with late arrival on the film scene became a financial disaster for Polaroid. Also video was just coming onto the market resulting in the final blow that was instrumental in the demise of this format. We are still able to transfer the Polavision film to DVD however the quality of the film is generally very dark, grainy and requires modification to be able to project it correctly. When compared to the quality of standard 8mm and super 8mm film it is not difficult to understand why it did not succeed. Because of the extra work ... more
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