I have recently registered for taxes online. How soon can I signup for WEBTAX?


Allow at least two business days before attempting to sign up for WEBTAX I have signed up for WEBTAX but I can’t remember my PASSWORD Passwords must be from 8-20 characters long and may contain any alphanumeric (A-Z, 0-9) characters (i.e. no special characters will be allowed). Clicking ‘Login’ button will authenticate the user and display the ‘Tax Management Main Menu’ on success. If the account is locked, or an invalid password or e-mail ID is provided, a message indicating such will be returned and the login page re-displayed. The account will be locked after three (3) consecutive attempts to login with an incorrect password. A successful login will reset the “failed” attempts to zero (0). Accounts will be locked automatically after 90 days without any activity (login events). Locked accounts can only be unlocked by the Tax Management staff through the PowerBuilder Wine Tax application. Accounts can be disabled by the Tax Management staff-either at the request of the wholesaler, or