I need examples of analogies, literal analogies, and figurative analogies?

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Figurative Analogy : Life is like a River.” "To thwack a child over the head because he does not get his lesson is about as wise as it would be to rap a watch with a hammer because it does not keep good time." "Old Walter Williams would never make a good governor because an old dog cannot learn new tricks." "You should not changes horses in the middle of a stream; therefore, you should not change generals in the middle of a battle." "Pulling the church bell is like pulling the devil's tail." (Charlie Mitchell) "Believing in Jesus is like believing in the tooth fairy." ``````````````````````````````````````... A Literal Analogy compares two items or cases in the same class that are similar in essential aspects and equal in value. The KEYWORD is "SIMILAR." The term "comparing apples to apples" applies to a comparison (analogy) made between two SIMILAR cases. Explaining how one can know that the current 2x2 fellowship is a continuation of the New Testament ministry and church, a ... more
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