I use light/regular/super tampons. How much more/less will a menstrual cup hold?

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The absorbency rates and terms used to describe it are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration in United States. Tampon absorbencies are measured in grams, whereas menstrual cup's capacity is measured in volume. One milliliter of menstrual blood is roughly equivalent to one gram, so the numbers can be compared to Lunette capacity in milliliters. The absorbencies are the following: - Junior/ light absorbency - less than 6 grams (One teaspoon equals about 5 grams.) - Regular absorbency - 6 to 9 grams - Super absorbency - 9 to 12 grams - Super plus absorbency - 12 to 15 grams - Ultra absorbency - 15 to 18 grams Tampons that absorb over 18 grams do not have an official term and are not recommended. Lunette menstrual cups hold 25 ml (smaller) or 30 ml (bigger). As a comparison, making a tampon this size (25 to 30 grams) is dangerous because of the risk of TSS, and even illegal in some countries. Keep in mind that it is scientifically proven that menstrual cups do not change the ... more
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