I want to be a mother

selestiya Posted

Hi there everyone, My life is over. I have nothing left now. I have no reason to live. I can’t ever become a mother now. I don’t know what should I do. Where do I go? I never thought that this day would come in my life. My husband is trying to give me support but I know that deep inside he is feeling this too. I think he is going to leave me now. I don’t know what to do. I am receiving love from everywhere but I think it is leaving no effect on me. I wish I could become pregnant. Please give me some hope. What should I do guys. Please help me. Tell me some other ways. Help me.

Fanni Too

Hi dear! I am sad to hear your story. You have been struggling for a long time to have a baby. Do not lose hope, because now there are many ways to conceive a child or give birth to a child. I believe that surrogacy is an option that can help you.
I know that all your efforts will not be wasted if you apply to the surrogacy clinic in georgia europe. Here you will be supported all the way to becoming a parent and you will be able to meeting your potential surrogacy match.
Just don’t give up on your dream of having a baby. Keep fighting for it. You deserve to be happy. I’m sure your life will soon change for the better. Remember that good things take time. Hopefully surrogacy works for you.