I was adjusting the clutch pedal free play last night on my 48 CJ2A last night and had a question. How much end play is normal on the cross shaft between the frame and transfer case?

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It's been a while since I redid all that, so remembering. Radial play is the most common, as ball pivot on xfercase wears on one side. End play of .125" is nothing. [Another adds] If I remember right my jeep had about a half of an inch of play when I still had the stock pedals. ----------------------- CLUTCH - PEDAL ARRANGEMENT QUESTION: I've got a question about how the brake and clutch pedals are supposed to be installed on my 48 CJ2A. There is a raised lip on one edge only of each pedal. The pedals are mirror images of each other, one has the lip on the left side, the other pedal has the lip on the right. Which way are the raised lips supposed to go, on the inside or outside of the feet? ANSWER: The book says the raised edges are together, under the steering. This, so as not to hinder the foot getting from the gas to the brake. --------------------- CLUTCH - CORRECT FIT QUESTION: While putting the clutch back together in my 48' 2A I ran into a question. The center piece of the ... more
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