I wish to report a restaurant because they are dirty. How would I do that?

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Call the local health dept and make a complaint. Just a word to the wise, dirty does not neccessarily mean that the food you eat is going to make you sick. I am a health inspector in NC and floors, walls and ceilings are worth a total of 2 points (1 if half credit given) on an inspection. A lot of places can still have an A but be really dirty because cleanliness counts less than things like food temperatures, food storage, approved food sources, and employee hygiene to name a few. Just because the health inspector goes to that restaurant to let them know there was a complaint does not neccessarily mean they are going to do anything about it. If it is a good manager, hopefully they don't like losing those points but there are many out there who do not care too much and will forego the points rather than really working hard every day to keep a clean establishment. Unless there is a food outbreak and several people go to a doctor/emergency room (unlikely due to dirty floors, etc.) ... more
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