ideas for unusual postcards


I will be grateful for your posts. please add pictures and share your ideas


I am a connoisseur of beautiful postcards and I can give you some useful advice in this area. you don’t need to spend money on expensive apps or professional services. you can look at postcard mockup free of the postcards and design a unique postcard yourself. I advise you to choose a bright and unusual design and complement the postcard with touching text. perhaps it is worth supplementing the postcard with verses. Think about it. this is an awesome gift idea

Natali Demon

create something special.
I like postcards so much!

I keep them and I advise you to do it too. Regardless of how many postcards you have, they should all be stored in archivally-safe boxes or binders. Keeping your collection in an acid-free short top box, which is available in a convenient postcard size, is the perfect solution.